Born in Germany, Paula studied painting and drawing at Kalkreuther Institute in Hamburg, Germany and Art History at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has lived and traveled throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, North Africa, India, and the US always painting, sketching and exhibiting along the way.

Living in Seattle, WA, from 1984 to July 2003, she continued with her painting and sculpting. Her studies in the Pacific Northwest included sculpting, Gouche water coloring, and opaque water coloring at the Pratt Institute. She continues to study these. At the University of Washington Paula studied art (painting in oil) and Art History, where she earned her BA and BFA Degree. When her two sons left home in 2003, Paula decided to leave Seattle. She spent one year in Ojai, CA before relocating to Santa Fe, NM in May of 2004.

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